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Achieving High Value for Wine Businesses in McLaren Vale Briefing Session

Date(s) - 14 Nov 2013
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

National Wine Centre


Free includes Lunch

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Virginia Phillips
Phone: 08 8313 6687
Email: [email protected]

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If the South Australian wine industry was a restaurant, there is no doubt it would be employing some of the leading chefs in the world. Their creations would be worthy of Michelin stars and recognised globally.

The problem is that our ‘restaurant’ has competition – located directly alongside our shopfront. Competition that also employs outstanding chefs but with much lower labour costs. The result is that our restaurant is not flourishing, despite our reputation for excellence, our capacity for innovation and our ability to deliver quality.

The wine industry can learn from the thinking that has transformed successful industry practices over the past two decades. The concept is this: long term business success in our high exchange rate and high labour cost environment requires the development of unique business offerings servicing customer needs on attributes other than price.

DMITRE and the AWRI are conducting a pilot program with the McLaren Vale wine region and industry suppliers to showcase the development of high value business and product initiatives for the South Australian wine industry.