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AWRI Webinar: Getting the best out of your winery using ‘lean production’

Date(s) - 27 Oct 2015
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

The Australian Wine Research Institute


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Presenter – James McIntyre (2XE)

Description – Of all of the issues that creates tension between winemakers and grapegrowers, the potential influence of grapevine yield on wine quality has to generate most argument. Despite this, little research has quantified the organoleptic consequences on wine of changing grapevine yield and/or the financial balance that must be achieved to encourage growers to moderate crop yield. While there are many papers describing the influence of changing leaf area: fruit weight ratio, either by manipulating fruit yield or changing vine leaf area, trials are in general harvested on single date. However, higher yields generally slow ripening and as a result, fruit soluble solids (and other measures of ripeness) may be quite different between treatments. This confounds the interpretation of the effect on other fruit metabolites and/or wine composition. Commercially, fruit is usually harvested at a ripeness target. Often this is a soluble solids concentration, thus time is a factor which should be considered when considering the effect of yield on wine quality. This raises the questions: Can additional time enable higher yielding vines to achieve the ripeness required? What are the additional risks associated with leaving fruit on the vine longer? And how does vine yield affect the balance between juice sugar concentration and other important flavour and aroma metabolites in the fruit at any specific soluble solids?

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