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AWRI Webinar: Using in-line sensors to monitor sugar levels during fermentation

Date(s) - 3 Dec 2015
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

The Australian Wine Research Institute


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Email: [email protected]

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Presenter – Neil Scrimgeour (AWRI)

Description – A number of commercially available process sensors for monitoring Baume in wine fermentations were subjected to field trials during 2015. Results show that some sensors can be successfully applied in a process environment, but wine fermentations remain a challenging medium for this type of technology. Financial modelling shows that the implementation of in-line sensors could provide a payback period of nine months for very large wineries but up to three years for smaller wineries. Potential benefits of introducing these sensors include reduced labour requirements, lower analytical costs, fewer quality downgrades and increased ferment tank capacity.

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